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Handmade in Slane

-Proud member of the Craft Council Of Ireland from 2016

-Each 2 bought bracelet supports the feeding of 5 needy children ❤🤼‍♂️

- Lifetime Warranty - 

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Nothing lasts forever... Except our handmade bracelets :-)

I create beautiful handmade nautical accessories which are carefully designed and crafted in the amazing city of Dublin. Designed to be unbreakable for people who appreciate the uniqueness of handmade, and can find the beauty in the smallest details of our handmade. In other words, it’s created for people like you!

Our Irish Way of Life – Designed to last
The Atlantic air that touches our faces. The sound of the sea, and the cries of our Dublin seagulls. The ocean with his mysterious waves that resets our minds. The beautiful Irish harbor that invites you for a Guinness. This is our world. It's a place we call home; this is our inspiration.

Lifetime Warranty