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Atlantic Breeze

This collection is specially dedicated to you, sea dreamers, sea lovers, sea enthusiasts and bears the name of our beautiful ocean that we have on the shores of Ireland.

Each model from our collection is made from the highest quality European sailing rope and from stainless steel shackles, anchors, and hooks.

Not only that you will feel good while all the attention is on your wrist but you can also be sure that the texture of the rope will not affect your skin and that's a promise..:-)

Most of our Atlantic Breeze bracelets come in different shapes and colors for different styles of clothing and different occasions.

They can be worn perfectly while wearing a smart outfit but make sure it will bring the same magic while wearing them while on the beach.

If its hard for you to find the perfect combination, please don't feel disappointed. Only message us using the Chat Box from the right corner down. We will be more than happy to combine any available colors and enclosure. Thus, making the perfect match for your taste.